PROJECT E-MEETING – 27th November 2020


Due to COVID-19 situation, the second project meeting within the allCUTE project was held online on Microsoft Teams on 27.11.2020. All partners had agreed to postpone the face-to-face meeting for a later date the following year when things would get better. The project PR expert presented the project objectives, expected impact and outputs. All partners discussed and approved project activity timetable. The Lead Partner of Output 1 briefed all participants on the progress of the activities. The Lead Partner of Output 2 presented a template for the Curriculum and the partners discussed it. The project Coordinator presented the project Quality Plan including project Evaluation and Monitoring Procedure and measurable indicators to be met. The Dissemination Plan was presented by the project PR expert and discussed by all partners. The project Coordinator presented in details the types of costs and required supportive financial documents, as well as reporting deadlines. Finally, the project Coordinator informed the partners on the situation with partner agreements.