On June 30, 2022, starting at 11:00 a.m., in the Great Hall of the University of Niš, the Mini Conference of the ERASMUS+ project allCUTE was held, jointly organized by the Serbian partners in this project, the University of Niš - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš and CCIS RCC Niš.

The mini conference also included a panel discussion where invited speakers presented their views on the topics of additional education, lifelong learning, problems in the mismatch between the state of the labor market and market needs, as well as transversal skills needed for today's employment.

The speakers were:

  • Dr. Ivica Manić, institutional coordinator of the University of Niš in charge of ERASMUS+ projects
  • Saša Matejić, assistant director of the Niš Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Ph.D. Predrag Janković, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Niš
  • Slobodan Čolović, Office for Local Economic Development and Projects of the City of Nis
  • Boban Matić, director of the NES branch in Niš
  • Dr. Miodrag Manić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Niš
  • Milan Ranđelović, director of the NTP Niš
  • Mirjana Kovačević, head of the Center for Education, Dual Education and Education Policy of the Serbian Academy of Sciences
  • Zoran Marković, coordinator of the Service Sector of the PKS RPK Niš