A mini conference “Challenges to industry in relation to skill shortage”, organized by Cluster Trakia Economic Zone (CTEZ), was held on 18th July 2022 in Plovdiv. The participants gathered around the topic that employees’ skills are the main business capital. 51 people – representatives of government, local authorities, industry, higher education, NGOs, as well as 11 members of the project team, participated in the forum. 15 presentations were delivered by:

  1. Marieta Georgieva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science
  2. Zhelyaz Enev, Director of Directorate „Economic policy” at the Ministry of Economy and Industry
  3. Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv
  4. Lora Yosifova – Head of sector „Programme for scientific research, innovation and digitalization for smart transformation“
  1. Angel Hronev, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Plovdiv
  2. Svetlozar Petrov, Manager of JobTiger
  3. Slaveya Peteva, HR manager in the South Korean company Hanom Systena
  4. Todor Terziev, Manager ofBG company
  5. Mariana Bandova, TrainingcoordinatorinHaycad Infotech
  6. Danitsa Yakomova, expert in Regional Innovation Centre „Ambitious Gabrovo”
  7. Plamen Panchev, Manager of Trakia Economic Zone and Assoc. Prof. Tanya Titova, Dean of the Technical Faculty at the University of Food Technology – Ploviv
  8. Tsvetelina Petrova, lecturer at TU-Gabrovo, project team member
  9. Ganka Bakalova, Expert in Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Gabrovo, project team member
  10. Zoran Markovic, Expert in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry –Nis, project team member
  11. Souzi Mavroumati,Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry –Kavala, project team member