The International Hellenic University and the Chamber of Kavala organized pilot training for technicians and engineers  in companies in the wider area of Kavala, which took place during the last third part of June 2022.

The training was implemented at the Electric Machines and S.A.E. Laboratories. of the International Hellenic University.

More specifically, during the dates 20 to 22-06-2022, 15 technicians (1 woman and 14 men) from 15 local companies received pilot training on "Electricity" course. The results of the evaluation showed that the trainees estimate that their training was necessary and that their generic skills (collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving) improved. Technicians and companies have a positive position about trainings when they are practice-based. The great interest regarding thermal camera proves that technicians are positive about changes and adoption of new technologies.

Also, during the dates from 22 to 24-06-2022, 15 engineers (1 woman and 14 men) from 11 local companies were trained on the course "Energy Efficiency of Pneumatic Systems". The results of the evaluation showed that the trainees claim that they now have better access to technical education and greater opportunities for professional improvement

All trainees stated that the ALC platform is user-friendly and facilitates learning process, they evaluated the training overall positively and are interested in similar future trainings, while companies stated that more similar training will contribute to the better performance of their employees and so these businesses will become more competitive.