Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce ant Technical University in Gdansk organized a training course on May 23-24 at Rockfin Sp. z o.o. two pilot training sessions were held as part of the Allcute project.The first training took place on May 23, it was training for the engineering staff.

75 engineers participated in the training. 23 people onsite and 52 online. The subject of the training was proportional hydraulics, issues related to electromagnets of proportional valves, valve construction and their characteristics as well as control electronics were discussed.

The training ended with a short test and discussion of the most common mistakes in this test.

The second school was held on May 24. It was a training for technicians and administration employees who support technicians and engineers. The training was attended by a total of 45 employees, 25 people onsite and 20 people online. The subject of the training was wear in hydraulic components, cleanliness of fluids and positive displacement pumps.

Particular emphasis was placed on discussing the wear process as well as damage and destruction of the hydraulic cylinder.

Thanks to #Rockfin for making the training possible and very active participation of all training participants.